Van Gogh Museum Map

Discover the convenience of navigating the Van Gogh Museum with the Van Gogh Museum map.

Avoid getting lost in the museum’s vast art galleries and missing out on its treasures. 

With the map, explore the museum at your own pace, obtaining an in-depth knowledge of both the main building and the exhibition wing. 

Van Gogh Museum Layout

The Van Gogh Museum is divided into multiple zones and sections, categorized by the periods of Van Gogh’s life. 

The Van Gogh Museum can be confusing to new visitors. With the Van Gogh Museum Map, navigation becomes easy.

Here is a brief overview of the layout-

Van Gogh Museum Floor Map

Van Gogh Museum Floor Map
Image: Medium.com

The Van Gogh Museum spans five floors, including the ground floor, floor zero, floor one, floor two, and floor three, providing visitors with a thorough journey through Vincent van Gogh’s life and art.

Ground Floor

The ground floor contains a shop, a cafe, an introductory exhibition, and access to the main building, making it a perfect starting point for visiting the Van Gogh Museum.

Floor Zero

Floor Zero is dedicated to exhibiting a timeline of Van Gogh’s life and a collection of self-portraits, allowing visitors to explore the artist’s development through his eyes.

Floor First

Floor one highlights Vincent van Gogh’s early years as an artist, providing insights into his developmental period and the formation of his distinctive style.

Floor Two and Three

The second and third floors of the museum focus on Vincent van Gogh’s personal life, giving visitors a look at his early years and life events with friends and family. 

These floors offer a more complete picture of the man behind the art, offering insight into the challenges and inspirations of his amazing works.


1. How many floors is the Van Gogh Museum?

The Van Gogh Museum comprises five floors (Ground, Zero, First, Second, Third), each offering a unique and mesmerizing experience.

2. Where can I download the Van Gogh Museum Map?

You can download the Van Gogh Museum Map here.

3. How much are Van Gogh Museum tickets?

The Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum tickets depend on inclusion.
The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam ticket price starts at € 22 (US$ 24) and goes up to € 540 (US$ 598).
You can book your tickets here.

4. What time does the Van Gogh Museum open?

The Van Gogh Museum opens daily at 9 am throughout the year.

5. to visit Van Gogh Museum?

To avoid crowds, visiting the Van Gogh Museum during the early morning hours between 9 am and 11 am or later in the afternoon after 3 pm is best.

6. What are the waiting times at the Van Gogh Museum?

The waiting times at the Van Gogh Museum can vary depending on the day and time of your visit.
It can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

7. What can visitors expect on each floor of the Van Gogh Museum?

The ground floor includes a shop, cafe, and a temporary exhibition. Floor Zero features a timeline of van Gogh’s life and self-portraits. 
Floor one highlights his early years as an artist, while floors two and three dive into his personal life, providing insight into the man behind the art.

8. How long should I spend at the Van Gogh Museum?

A visit to the Van Gogh Museum typically takes 2 hours to view the highlights, but art fans can spend up to 4 hours or more exploring.

9. How to get to Van Gogh Museum from Central Station?

There are two ways to get to the Van Gogh Museum from Amsterdam Central: 

– Take Tram 2 or 12 to Van Baerlestraat and exit at that stop. 
– Alternatively, you can opt for Bus 347 (towards Uithoorn) or 357 (towards Kudelstaart) and get off at the Museumplein stop
– If you prefer to drive, you can use the Van Gogh Museum’s parking facilities at Q-Park, located below Museumplein.

10. How to Reach Van Gogh Museum by Bus?

Take bus 397 to Concertgebouw or buses 305, 314, 41, 65, or 852 to nearby stops, all within an 8-minute walk. 
Bus 347 offers a direct route from Amsterdam Central.

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