Top Things To See At Nemo Science Museum

Discover the Nemo Science Museum Amsterdam, a hub for interactive science exhibits.

Engage in hands-on displays that make learning enjoyable for all ages. 

From physics to chemistry,  here are the top things to see at Nemo Science Museum Amsterdam that will spark your curiosity.

On Fenomena Floor (1st Floor)

The Fenomena floor in the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam is located on the first floor of the museum. 

It’s a space where visitors, especially children, can engage in hands-on scientific research and explore various natural phenomena. 

This floor offers an immersive experience of the world of science, helping visitors to better understand the world around them.

Here are the top exhibits on the Fenomena Floor.

1. Sensational Science

1. Sensational Science
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.nl

Sensational Science is an interactive exhibit of chemistry and physics. 

This exhibit allows visitors to explore concepts like sound, light, and static electricity in an interactive way. 

From conducting chemical reactions to uncovering the secrets of light and earthquake-proof buildings.

Sensational Science provides a range of interactive displays that attract kids and adults.

2. Science Throughout the Ages

2. Science Throughout the Ages
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.nl

Science Throughout the Ages is an exhibit that dives into science and technology’s rich history and development. 

It provides insight into important scientific inventions that have shaped our world.

It includes early discoveries by civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greeks and the evolution of science and its effect.

Technium Floor (2nd Floor)

The Technium floor in the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam is dedicated to showcasing the latest technologies and innovations. 

Located on the museum’s second floor, Technium offers visitors an in-depth look at how technology drives progress and shapes our world.

1. World of Shapes

1. World of Shapes
Image: Studiolouter.nl

Explore the complex patterns found in nature and the forms used in design and architecture.

Discover the role of geometry and patterns in everyday life.

Learn how to fold polyhedra using paper and create your own shapes and structures using 3D printing.

2. The Machine

2. The Machine
Image: Behance.net

The Machine is a captivating section of the Technium exhibition floor, a gateway to the realm of engineering and mechanisms. 

Visitors to this exhibit embark on an exploration into the complex world of technology and engineering. 

From product assembly to smooth shipping logistics, this exhibit provides a hands-on experience.

You can also look through various displays that reveal fundamental principles of mechanics.

3. Energize

2. The Machine
Image: Myamsterdampass.com

At Energize, visitors get an interesting glimpse at the human body and energy. 

This exhibit teaches about the importance of exercise and good nutrition for maintaining a healthy life. 

It includes fun exercises and experiments that explain how the body produces and uses energy. 

In this interactive experience, you can understand the use of energy from the sun, wind, and water to perform various tasks. 

Also, there is a large illustration highlighting the impact of fossil fuels on the environment.

4. Water Power

4. Water Power
Image: Whichmuseum.com

Discover the world of hydroelectric power and the need for water conservation at Water Power. 

Learn how water can generate energy and the importance of conserving it. 

This water power features interactive exhibits and activities demonstrating how hydroelectric electricity is created. 

You can even try using sandbags and metal pipes to build your own dam and see the energy that water can generate.

5. Constructions

5. Constructions
Image: Myamsterdampass.com

The Constructions exhibit delves into the world of building and engineering wonders. 

It covers everything from architectural marvels to sustainable construction methods.

This exhibit also shows the evolution of design and architecture from ancient times to modern skyscrapers.

Participate in interactive activities to learn the design and construction of different structures.

6. Innovation Gallery

6. Innovation Gallery
Image: Myamsterdampass.com

The Innovation Gallery features cutting-edge technology and innovations from a variety of fields. 

This exhibition gives new perspectives on the future of science and technology. 

It highlights the contributions of start-up companies and entrepreneurship in sustaining innovation.

Visitors learn about technological developments and their possible impact on society. 

Also, an attractive exhibit features a massive 18th-century battery designed to power a single lamp.

Elementa Floor (3rd Floor)

The Elementa floor in the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam is located on the third floor and is focused on the fundamental building blocks of the universe. 

This exhibition allows visitors to delve into the fascinating world of elemental forces and the makeup of the cosmos.

Here are sone of the key exhibits that you can see on this floor.

1. Laboratory

1. Laboratory
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.nl

The Laboratory offers an interesting behind-the-scenes look at scientific research and experimentation. 

You can learn more about various scientific aspects through interactive displays and experiments. 

It reveals methods, tools, and techniques and shows cutting-edge equipment used in scientific study.

2. Life in the Universe

2. Life in the Universe
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.nl

Life in the Universe is an exhibit dedicated to astronomy and astrobiology. 

It transports you through space and time, allowing you to see the beginnings of life billions of years ago. 

The exhibition dives into the basic ideas of astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life. 

You can also look at the oldest space rock, which was discovered in Nantan, China, in 1958. 

Don’t miss the interactive planetarium shows that offer a perspective on the universe and humanity’s place in it.

Humania Floor (4th Floor)

The Humania floor in the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam is located on the fourth floor of the museum. 

This floor is dedicated to exploring the human body and mind, offering a deep dive into what makes us human.

Mentioned below is one of the best exhibits on the Humania floor that you shouldn’t miss on your NEMO museum tour.

1. Humania

1. Humania
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.nl

Humania is an exciting exhibition that dives into the complexities of the human body and mind. 

It offers interactive displays and exhibits that uncover the mysteries of the body and mental processes.

Humania offers a captivating journey into the realms of biology, physiology, and the sociology of humans. 

A notable feature is the Body Battle, where visitors can engage in friendly competitions through various physical challenges.

Nemo Science Museum Roof

Nemo Science Museum Roof
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.nl

The top of the Nemo Science Museum is the tallest city square in the Netherlands. 

You’ll find the Energetica open-air exhibit, a big terrace, a restaurant and Amazing views of Amsterdam all around.

Energetica Floor (5th Floor)

The Energetica floor on the rooftop of the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam is an engaging and interactive space dedicated to exploring the concept and applications of energy, particularly focusing on renewable energy sources. 

Some of the best exhibits and features on this floor include:

1. Renewable Energy Demonstrations:

1. Renewable Energy Demonstrations.jpg
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.n

 Visitors can learn about and experience the power of renewable energy sources such as wind, water, and solar energy. 

The exhibits are designed to be interactive, allowing visitors to engage with the energy sources directly.

2. Interactive Water Exhibits: 

2. Interactive Water Exhibits
Image: Iamsterdam.com

These exhibits allow visitors to play with water, understand its properties, and learn how energy can be harnessed from water through different mechanisms.

3. Giant Sundial: 

3. Giant Sundial
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.nl

The rooftop features an enormous sundial. 

Visitors can use their own bodies as the dial’s pointer to tell the time, combining a lesson in solar tracking with a fun, interactive experience.


  1. What are the must-see exhibits on the Fenomena floor?

    The Fenomena floor, located on the first level, is known for its interactive displays on natural phenomena. Highlights include Sensational Science, exploring chemistry and physics, and Science Throughout the Ages, showcasing the history of scientific discovery.

  2. What can I expect from the Technium floor?

    The Technium floor offers an in-depth look at the latest technologies and innovations. Notable exhibits include World of Shapes, exploring geometry and design, and The Machine, which dives into engineering and technology.

  3. What are the key attractions on the Elementa floor?

    The Elementa floor, focused on the building blocks of the universe, features the Laboratory, providing hands-on scientific experiments, and Life in the Universe, exploring the cosmos and the search for extraterrestrial life.

  4. What unique experiences does the Humania floor offer?

    The Humania floor delves into the complexities of the human body and mind. The Humania exhibit provides interactive displays and a deep dive into biology, physiology, and sociology.

  5. What can visitors do at the Energetica floor on the rooftop?

    The Energetica floor showcases renewable energy demonstrations, interactive water exhibits, and a giant sundial, highlighting the importance of renewable energy sources.

  6. Is the Nemo Science Museum suitable for children?

    Yes, the museum is designed to be engaging and educational for visitors of all ages, with interactive and hands-on exhibits particularly appealing to children.

  7. What interactive experiences can families look forward to on the Fenomena floor?

    The Fenomena floor is a hub of hands-on scientific exploration, perfect for families. Key attractions include interactive exhibits like the static electricity machine and the ionized gas globe, making it a must-visit for an engaging learning experience.

  8. What makes the Energetica floor on the rooftop a unique visit?

    The Energetica floor offers an unmatched interactive experience with renewable energy. From hands-on activities with wind, water, and sun to understanding the impact of energy sources on the environment, it’s a perfect blend of education and panoramic city views.

  9. Are there any special programs or activities for children at the Nemo Science Museum?

    Yes, the museum offers a range of specially designed programs and activities for children. These activities aim to make learning about science fun and engaging, with interactive exhibits and hands-on experiments tailored for younger audiences.

Featured Image: Facebook.com(NieuwsVanAmsterdam)

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