Top Things to See at Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets

Discover the vivid history of Amsterdam’s Red Light District at the Museum of Prostitution. 

Uncover captivating stories and insights revealing the world’s oldest profession with top things to see at the Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets.

Explore the diverse cultural aspects of this iconic area.

Here are the Top Things to see at the Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets

The Rooms

Dive into the past as you explore the rooms where sex workers once met clients. 

Learn more about the conditions under which they worked and the environments in which they interacted. 

Uncover the past of these rooms and the tales they contain.

Audio Tours

Audio Tours
Image: Facebook.com@Museumofprostitution

Audio tours are offered in many languages to enhance your museum experience. 

They provide valuable information on sex workers’ lives as well as the many exhibits in the museum. 

You will learn about how the industry has developed over time and the people that work in it.

Interactive Exhibits

Get involved in interactive exhibits designed to immerse you in the experiences of sex workers. 

You can put yourself in their shoes and better understand their everyday struggles and decision-making processes through simulations.


Image: Facebook.com@Museumofprostitution

See a diverse collection of artifacts and props that offer an actual link to the world of sex work. 

These items, ranging from condoms to lingerie to sex toys, provide insight into the tools and materials utilized by sex workers in their profession.


Watch interesting conversations with sex workers. 

Listen as they share their experiences, unique viewpoints, and the issues they face. 

Watch as people narrate firsthand accounts of their lives, goals, and challenges in their jobs.

Informational Exhibits

Informational Exhibits
Image: Iias.asia

Immerse yourself in informative displays that reveal the history of prostitution in Amsterdam. 

Learn about the laws and rules that have influenced it. 

Engage in interesting displays illuminating this sector’s legal, social, and cultural components.

What to See near Museum of Prostitution – Red light secrets?


The Amsterdam Red Light District features a unique and rich history, evolving notably from its early days while appreciating its past. 

Iconic spots such as The Oude Kerk and the Old Church now host exhibitions, while the square’s inscriptions and plaques honor the area’s cultural legacy.

Nieuwmarkt Square

Nieuwmarkt Square
Image: Wikipedia.org

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, the Nieuwmarkt market is a major attraction. 

While it presently houses various restaurants, its history includes a sad reminder of World War II.


At the center of the Red Light District, Oudekerksplein was once a cemetery. 

Now home to The Oude Kerk (Old Church), the square features interesting inscriptions, monuments, and gravestones.

Chinatown Amsterdam

Chinatown Amsterdam
Image: Iias.asia

Established in the early 1900s, Chinatown Amsterdam is Europe’s oldest Chinese district. 

Discover the beautiful Buddhist temple along Zeedijk, Fo Guang Shan He Hua, known for its unique design.

Amsterdam Icebar

The Amsterdam Icebar is a cool location in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. 

Back then, it was where famous Dutch explorers set off to the Arctic. 

Step inside today, grab a complimentary welcome drink, and enter a chilly -10 °C room built entirely of ice, including the glasses.


1. Where is the Red Light District located?

The Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets is located at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60h, 1012 DP Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. What is the Red Light District?

The Red Light District, called “De Wallen,” is a special neighborhood in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
It is famous for having beautiful streets, canals, and lively nightlife. 
You’ll see red lights in windows where sex workers are. 

The district also hosts a variety of entertainment venues, bars, restaurants, and shops, creating a unique blend of attractions.

3. What are some of the top things to see at Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets?

At the Museum of Prostitution, you can expect a lot of captivating things like:

– The Rooms
– Audio Tours
– Interactive Exhibits
– Artifacts

4. How to reach Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets by Tram?

Trams 4, 14, or 24 will bring you to the Dam Transit Stop.

The museum is just a 4-minute walk away.

5. How much is the Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution entry ticket?

The Museum of Prostitution Amsterdam price is €17 (US$19) for adults aged 18 and above.

Click here to book your tickets.

6. What are Red Light Secrets hours?

The museum is open every day from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 10.30 pm. 

On Fridays and Saturdays, it is open until 11.30 pm.

7. How to reach Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets by Bus?

Board N82, N83, N85, N87, N89, N91, or N93. 

Get off at Dam Square Stop and walk for six minutes to the museum.

8. What is the history of Amsterdam Red Light District?

The Amsterdam Red Light District, called De Wallen, has a long history. 

It started as a place where people performed specific tasks, including prostitution, long ago. 

Nowadays, it’s a distinct sector of Amsterdam with its own set of rules.

9. What do the red and blue lights in the windows mean?

A red light means the worker is available, while closed drapes or pink light indicate an occupied room.
Blue lights indicate transgender workers.

10. Are there rules in the Red Light District?

Some of the standard rules are:

No Pictures of Sex Workers: Don’t take photos of the people working there. They want privacy and safety. 
Respect and Be Kind: Treat the people in the windows nicely. Laughing at them is not okay. Be respectful and kind. 
Don’t Throw Trash: Don’t throw cigarette butts or trash on the streets. Use an ashtray. 
Smile and Say Hello: If you make eye contact with someone, smile. Be friendly and polite. 
Be Quiet: Don’t shout or make loud noises. The Red Light District is a regular neighborhood where people live. 
Bring Cash: Sex workers don’t usually accept credit cards. Bring enough cash (euros) to visit a sex worker. 
Always Carry ID: In the Netherlands, you must have your ID. It’s the law.

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