Top 10 Tips For Visiting Anne Frank Museum

Embark on a heartfelt journey into the pages of history at the Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam. 

Secure your Anne Frank Museum tickets and get ready to step into the Secret Annex, the silent witness to the hopes and fears of Anne Frank and her family during World War II. 

To make your visit as enriching and smooth as possible, here are some Insider tips, gathered just for you.

Start with Anne’s Story

Before you set foot in the museum, cozy up with a copy of Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl. 

Reading her words will take you back to those days, setting the scene for your visit and allowing you to walk through the museum with Anne’s perspective in your heart.

Book Ahead to Avoid Disappointment

Anne’s story touches so many hearts that the museum is often bustling with visitors. 

To ensure your spot, booking your tickets online is a good idea, about two months in advance. 

This way, you’re not just securing a time slot but also snagging a chance to get some neat online discounts.

Early Bird Gets the Best Experience

Try to arrive a bit earlier than your ticket time. 

This isn’t just about beating the clock; it’s about giving yourself a moment to breathe and take in the surroundings before you embark on this memorable journey.

Travel Light and Free

The museum is a place of reflection and contemplation, and a heavy backpack might weigh down your experience. 

Pack light and take advantage of the small cloakroom for your belongings. 

It’s the little things but makes a big difference.

The Stairs Tell a Story Too

The steep stairs of the museum are a subtle reminder of the old Amsterdam architecture. 

If you’re someone who finds stairs a challenge, remember that while the Secret Annex has its limitations, the modern parts of the museum are welcoming to everyone.

Capture Memories in Your Heart, Not on Camera

Photos can’t capture the essence of the Anne Frank House; the experience is something you feel, not just see. 

Respecting the no-photos policy means you’re helping preserve the dignity and authenticity of Anne’s hiding place.

A Little Chat Before You Start

If you have a chance, join one of the introductory programs. 

It’s like having a quiet conversation with the museum itself, where you get to ask questions and listen to stories that set the tone for your visit.

Follow the Rhythm of the House

The museum has a gentle flow, a path that guides you through its rooms and stories.

Even if you find yourself waiting briefly here and there, each pause is a chance to reflect and absorb the solemn atmosphere.

Don’t Rush Past the Bookstore

The bookstore isn’t just a bookstore; it’s like a chest of hidden treasures. 

From unique translations of Anne’s diary to special editions, each book and souvenir here carries a piece of history, a piece of Anne’s legacy.

The Jordaan Awaits

After your visit, let the quaint streets of Jordaan embrace you. 

This charming neighborhood, with its canals and cultural vibes, is the perfect place to wander, reflect on your visit, and just let Amsterdam’s history sink in.

With these tips in hand, your visit to the Anne Frank Museum will be enlightening and unforgettable. 


What is the Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam?

The Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam is a historical museum dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank and her family. It preserves the Secret Annex, the actual hiding place where Anne wrote her famous diary during World War II.

How can I get tickets to the Anne Frank Museum?

Tickets to the Anne Frank Museum can be purchased online. It’s recommended to book them well in advance, about two months before your visit, due to the high demand and limited entry slots.

Why is it recommended to read Anne Frank’s diary before visiting the museum?

Reading Anne Frank’s diary provides personal insight into the experiences and emotions of Anne and her family during their time in hiding. This context enriches your visit, making the exhibits more impactful and meaningful.

Is the Anne Frank Museum accessible for visitors with mobility issues?

While the historical parts of the museum, including the Secret Annex, have limited accessibility due to steep staircases, the modern parts of the museum, such as the cafe and museum shop, are wheelchair accessible.

Why are visitors not allowed to take photos inside the Anne Frank Museum?

The no-photography policy helps preserve the authenticity and solemn atmosphere of the Secret Annex. It also ensures a smooth flow of visitors without disruptions, allowing everyone to have a reflective and undisturbed experience.

What is the introductory program at the Anne Frank Museum, and how can I participate?

The introductory program is a pre-visit session that provides additional context and understanding of Anne Frank’s life and the museum exhibits. You can join this program by selecting the option when purchasing your tickets or inquiring at the museum’s information desk upon arrival.

What should I expect in terms of waiting times and visitor flow inside the museum?

The museum operates a one-way route to ensure a smooth visitor flow. You may experience short wait times at certain points, especially before entering the Secret Annex or during film screenings. Visiting during the off-season can result in fewer crowds and shorter waits.

What can I find in the Anne Frank Museum bookstore?

The museum bookstore offers a wide range of books related to Anne Frank’s diary in various translations, special editions, and exclusive museum merchandise, such as a pop-up annex model.

What is there to see in the Jordaan neighborhood after visiting the Anne Frank Museum?

The Jordaan neighborhood is known for its picturesque canals, historic architecture, and cultural attractions. It’s a perfect place to continue your historical exploration or simply enjoy the charming ambiance of Amsterdam.

Can I bring large bags or backpacks into the Anne Frank Museum?

Large bags and backpacks are not allowed inside the museum due to the limited space. Visitors are advised to travel light, but a small cloakroom is available for storing smaller items during your visit.

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