Top 10 Tips For Visiting Museum Of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets

Situated in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the Museum of Prostitution provides a sensitive and unique window into an intriguing past. 

Museum of Prostitution visiting tips are essential to know what to expect and have a smooth trip. 

From photography rules to protocols, the following Museums of Prostitution visiting tips aim to ensure an informed visit to this insightful place.

Here are some Red Light Secrets museum visiting tips to boost your visit:

Use Oude Kerk as Your Landmark Guide

Keep an eye on the Oude Kerk (old church) in the Red Light District. 

It is a large, visible landmark that helps navigate the neighborhood’s streets.

Pink Curtain Signal

When you see a pink curtain drawn in the Red Light District, it means that the room behind it is currently occupied for business. 

Pre Purchase Tickets

Pre Purchase Tickets
Image: Facebook.com@Museumofprostitution

To avoid potential wait times, purchase your Museum of Prostitution tickets online. 

This guarantees a trouble-free visit and ensures quick entry upon your arrival at the museum.

Book your tickets here.

Respectful Behavior

As you walk through the museum, it is important to respect what you see and understand its importance. 

Also, try not to make too much noise so everyone can enjoy the museum peacefully.

Photography Rules

While photography is permitted, visitors should respect the displays and other visitors. 

Avoid interfering with other people’s experience.

Age Restrictions

Age Restrictions
Image: Facebook.com@Museumofprostitution

The museum has a minimum age requirement of 16 due to the subject it covers. 

While the museum aims to be educational, parents or guardians should consider this when bringing minors.

Beware of Pickpockets

Like any tourist magnet, the area surrounding the Red Light District can draw pickpockets. 

Be cautious and secure your belongings.


Unfortunately, the museum is not wheelchair accessible due to the old building construction and limited capacity for renovations.

Respect the Local Laws

Respect the Local Laws
Image: Amsterdamredlightdistricttour.com

According to Amsterdam laws, alcohol use is prohibited on the Red Light District streets or within the museum. 

Stay aware and respect the local laws.

Luggage Storage

The museum does not offer a facility for storing bags. 

Travelers should plan ahead of time and avoid carrying large luggage.


1. Where is the Red Light District located?

The Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets is located at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60h, 1012 DP Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. What is the Red Light District?

The Red Light District, called “De Wallen,” is a special neighborhood in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

It is famous for having beautiful streets, canals, and a lively nightlife. 
You’ll see red lights in windows where sex workers are. 

The district also hosts a variety of entertainment venues, bars, restaurants, and shops, creating a unique blend of attractions.

3. What are Red Light Secrets hours?

The museum is open every day from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 10.30 pm. 

On Fridays and Saturdays, it is open until 11.30 pm.

4. Why is the Red Light District famous in Amsterdam?

It is noted for its historic buildings, canals, and legalized prostitution, making it a unique and iconic part of Amsterdam’s culture.

5. What are some tips for visiting the Museum of Prostitution?

Here are some museum Museum of Prostitution visiting tips:

– Pre purchase tickets
– Beware of pickpockets
– Use Oude Kerk as your landmark
– Respect the museum and the person
– Follow the local laws

6. How much is the Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution entry ticket?

The Museum of Prostitution Amsterdam price is €17 (US$19) for adults aged 18 and above.

Click here to book your tickets

7. Are there rules in the Red Light District?

Some of the standard rules are:

No Pictures of Sex Workers: Don’t take photos of the people working there. They want privacy and safety. 
Respect and Be Kind: Treat the people in the windows nicely. Laughing at them is not okay. Be respectful and kind. 
Don’t Throw Trash: Don’t throw cigarette butts or trash on the streets. Use an ashtray. 
Smile and Say Hello: If you make eye contact with someone, smile. Be friendly and polite. 
Be Quiet: Don’t shout or make loud noises. The Red Light District is a regular neighborhood where people live. 
Bring Cash: Sex workers don’t usually accept credit cards. Bring enough cash (euros) to visit a sex worker. 
Always Carry ID: In the Netherlands, you must have your ID. It’s the law.

8. What is the history of Amsterdam Red Light District?

The Amsterdam Red Light District, called De Wallen, has a long history. 

It started as a busy marketplace where trade flourished, including prostitution, long ago. 

Nowadays, it’s a distinct sector of Amsterdam with its own set of rules.

9. What’s inside Red Light Secrets?

Inside Red Light Secrets, you can learn and explore a lot. There are rooms where prostitutes used to work. 

You can see what they used and how they worked through the artifacts in the museum. 

You can also hear about their experiences and participate in their activities.

10. What do the red and blue lights in the windows mean?

A red light means the worker is available, while closed drapes or pink light indicate an occupied room. 

Blue lights indicate transgender workers.

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