Top Things to See at Moco Museum

Step inside the Moco Museum, a modern and contemporary art museum in the heart of Amsterdam. 

As you enter this unique venue, prepare to be immersed in a world of creativity, invention, and inspiration. 

Here are the top things to see at Moco Museum that will make your visit an unforgettable experience!

Modern Masters

The Moco Museum in Amsterdam honors great artists, the Modern Masters of art. 

They include renowned artists like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, and Keith Haring. 

Their work is colorful, thought-provoking, and often humorous. 

You can view art such as Warhol’s popular soup cans, Basquiat’s amazing paintings, Haring’s joyful figures, and Kusama’s love for pumpkins. 

Their work is on a permanent display at the Moco Museum.

Contemporary Masters

Image: Mocomuseum.com

The Contemporary Masters is a permanent exhibit that showcases art that’s both fun and interesting. 

These artists serve as messengers of peace, showing viewers that we can live together despite all the conflict in the world. 

The museum showcases unique pieces by artists like Marina Abramovic and Tracey Emin that inspire thoughts on romantic relationships and inner truths. 

You can look at works by various artists there, including Jeff Koons and KAWS. 

Some of this artwork also discusses important topics like human rights, capitalism, and socio-political issues.


Image: Mocomuseum.com

Banksy is a popular artist who creates funny art and addresses important issues like war and social standards. 

His art promotes a sense of community and showcases how art has the power to change the world. 

The exhibit features a significant painting called “Beanfield,” representing Banksy’s fundamental ideas and “Girl with Balloon,” which showcases his unique style.

He often uses monkeys in his artwork to playfully comment on human behavior. 

While people once considered his art fancy graffiti, street art has gained popularity, and Banksy is now one of the most celebrated street artists. 

You can find Banksy’s art both on the streets and in museums.

Moco Garden

moco garden
Image: Mocomuseum.com

At Moco Garden, you can enjoy art from famous artists like WhIsBe, Adam Parker Smith, and Anthony James. 

Moco Garden lets you interact with some artwork, making it a fun experience.

You can see works of art like Marcel Wanders’ “Tempter,” which will take you to the land of your childhood dreams. 

Additionally, an interactive piece of art called “Portrait” enables you to share your goals and create a unique tapestry. 

After exploring the museum and garden, download Moco Outside, an app that uses augmented reality to show you more digital art inspired by the museum. 

It’s a fun way to improve your experience.

Ongoing Exhibits

Digital Immersive Art

Digital Immersive Art
Image: Mocomuseum.com

The Digital Immersive Art exhibition by Studio Irma x Moco highlights connections.

There is a unique art display called “Reflecting Forward.” It’s all about relishing connections and having a fresh perspective on life. 

They address a concept known as connectivism, which refers to using the internet to learn in the modern digital era.

You will find varied art areas like We All Live in Bubbles, Kaleidoscope Room, Diamond Matrix, Connect The Dots, and Universe here. 

These areas encourage you to consider how everything in the digital world is interconnected.

Additionally, they have an amazing, five-part, 9-minute film called Arcadia. 

It discusses the challenges we face in the 21st century and how art, beauty, and creativity can help us be ourselves.


Image: Mocomuseum.com

Moco Museum is among the first to display NFT (Non Fungible Token) art in Amsterdam and Barcelona. 

Their collaboration with the RFC Art Collection aims to encourage and support artists’ creativity in traditional and digital art. 

The New FuTure exhibition in Amsterdam showcases innovative digital art created by tech-savvy artists.

The Symphony of Nature

The Symphony of Nature
Image: Mocomuseum.com

The Symphony of Nature is an immersive experience that blends the physical and digital, highlighting the essence of our world and existence.

It is a digital art project by Six N. Five, also known as Ezequiel Pini, that explores nature’s beauty. 

He uses digital tools to create dreamy landscapes, virtual plants, and heavenly clouds, blending the line between imagination and reality. 

This project combines different art forms to take us on a poetic journey through the beauty of the natural world.


What is the Moco Museum address?

The Moco Museum address is Honthorststraat 20, 1071 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Click here to access the Moco Museum location.

Who are some of the artists featured at the Moco Museum?

The museum showcases iconic works by famous modern and contemporary artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy, Icy & Sot, JR, KAWS, and Keith Haring.

What can I see at the Moco Museum?

At Moco Museum, you can see various fun and immersive exhibits such as Banksy, Modern Masters, and NFT.

How much do Moco Museum tickets cost?

At the Moco Museum, ticket prices vary depending on the inclusions. 
The Moco Museum ticket price for adults costs €23 (US$ 25).
Click here to book tickets.

How long do you need at Moco Museum?

A typical visit to the Moco Museum takes about 3 hours to explore the artworks thoroughly.

Is photography allowed inside Moco Museum?

Photography is allowed inside Moco Museum, but flash photography is forbidden to preserve the artworks and the experience of other visitors.

What is the best time to visit Moco Museum?

The best time to visit Moco Museum is during the early hours when it opens at 9 am. 
This allows for a quieter and more immersive art experience.

What are some tips for visiting Moco Museum?

Here are some tips for visiting Moco Museum
– Buy tickets online to skip queues. 
– Visit early morning or late afternoon.
– Wear comfortable shoes for walking.
– Rent an audio guide for more insights.

How to Reach Moco Museum by Bus?

Take bus 347, 357, or 397 to Ruysdaelkade bus station. 
Walk for 5 minutes to reach the Moco Museum.

How to reach Moco Museum by metro?

Take metro 51, 53, or 54 to Weesperplein. 
Transfer to tram lines 1, 7, or 19 and Get off at the Spiegelgracht stop.
Walk for 5 minutes to reach the Moco Museum.

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