The National Maritime Museum

Welcome to The National Maritime Museum Netherlands (Het Scheepvaartmuseum), a Dutch maritime history treasure trove. 

Established in 1973 and opened to the public in 1976, the maritime museum Amsterdam is a tribute to the Netherlands’ naval legacy. 

It proudly houses one of the world’s largest marine collections, which resides in a historic 1656 building, previously a Navy warehouse. 

With paintings, ship models, navigation instruments, and sea charts, you’ll discover 500 years of maritime heritage linked with today’s society. 

This article will give you all you need to know before purchasing National Maritime Museum Amsterdam tickets.

What to expect at National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum also known as Het scheepvaartmuseum, is the largest museum in the Netherlands. 

With its vast collection of historical artifacts, paintings, and pictures, the museum shows how much the culture and wealth the Netherlands owes to the seas.

The museum also has a library and research archive open to the public showcasing documents from the 17th to 20th centuries. 

The Museum’s main exhibitions are categorized into four sections: the Golden Age, the Dutch East India Company, the Dutch Navy, and Shipping in the 20th century.

These exhibitions cover all the vital topics from the history of Dutch seafaring to slave trades and the Dutch East India Company. 

A trip to National Maritime Museum will add a significant amount of information and value to your knowledge.

At the National Maritime Museum, you’ll discover numerous archival items, including photographs and other items, demonstrating how important the seas were to the Netherlands. 

The museum is divided into sections that discuss significant events such as the Golden Age, the Dutch East India Company, the Dutch Navy, and ships in the 20th century. 

You can learn about various topics in these sections, such as historical ships, trading firms, and companies. 

You can also review historical records in the museum’s library and examine artifacts from long ago.

What to see at the Maritime Museum Amsterdam?

Here are a few highlights you can see at the National Maritime Museum:

Republic At Sea

This exhibit started in May 2019 at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. 

It has paintings of ships, conflicts, and models of ships, such as a large Dutch warship with numerous weapons. 

There’s also an antique globe from an Amsterdam shop from the 17th century, which depicts a different world map than the one we have today. 

You can also see a luxury yacht that rich people used for short trips.

Humans at Sea

The Humans at Sea exhibition at the National Maritime Museum showcases their unique photo collection of about 150,000 artifacts. 

You can explore everything from the earliest portrait of a Dutch seaman to modern seascapes by Dolph Kessler and Mischa Keijser. 

Be sure to check out the glass negatives by first mate Willem Dirk Duijf that display the crew’s ranks and other information.

Dare to Discover

Experience a virtual reality (VR) adventure based on the 1664 artwork ‘View of the River IJ with Lands Zeemagazijn’ by Reinier Nooms. 

Explore the changing Amsterdam skyline from the surroundings of the National Maritime Museum.

The Royal Barge

The Royal Barge is an impressive 17-meter-long vessel, distinguished by its slim design and lavish decorations like gold-leaf decorations, crabs, and water plants. 

Three sea horses and Neptune are pictured on the bow, representing the majesty of the head of state.

National Maritime Museum Tickets

Tickets to the National Maritime Museum cost € 18 (US$ 20) for adults 18 years old and above. 

You can buy tickets both online and offline, however buying online is the better option due to some benefits: 

  • Tickets bought online are less expensive than those purchased in person. 
  • Once booked, no printouts are required. Show tickets on your phone for immediate access. 
  • Online reservations reduce the need to stand in the queue.
Ticket TypeAgePriceBook
Tickets for National Amsterdam Maritime MuseumAdult (18 years and above)€ 18 (US$ 20)Buy Now

The National Maritime Museum Opening Hours

The National Maritime Museum welcomes visitors from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Sunday. 

Additionally, the museum is closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and King’s Day. 

The Museum Shop opening hours are 10 am to 5 pm on the same days as the museum. 

The museum library opening hours are 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday, but it’s closed on Saturday, Sunday.

Here’s a table to help you understand the National Maritime Museum hours:

AreaOpening HoursClosing Hours
MuseumMonday to Sunday10 am to 5 pm
Museum ShopMonday to Sunday10 am to 5 pm
LibraryMonday to Friday10 am to 5 pm

Best Time To Visit The National Maritime Museum

It is recommended that you visit the National Maritime Museum early on weekdays for a more quiet experience. 

Weekends and holidays are typically busier, especially between 1 pm and 3 pm, as families often plan their visits around these hours. 

Plan your visit accordingly to ensure an uninterrupted exploration and avoid crowds. 

This will allow you to immerse yourself in the museum’s exhibits and maritime history without dealing with crowds during peak hours.

How long does the National Maritime Museum take?

A standard visit to the National Maritime Museum lasts about 2 hours. 

However, the duration will vary based on those around you. 

If you have children with you, allow an extra hour, making it a 3-hour tour. 

You may have to wait 20-30 minutes at the ticket counters if you have not purchased your tickets online in advance.

Consider purchasing your tickets online to save time and maximize your museum experience.

Book your tickets here (add link)

How to get to the National Maritime Museum?

The National Maritime Museum is at Kattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Getting to the museum is simple and convenient, thanks to a variety of transit options available around the city.

By Bike

In Amsterdam, bikes are a common means to travel, and you can use them to reach the National Maritime Museum. 

It’s a short ride, taking less than 5 minutes, from Central Station to the museum in the city center.

By Bus

To get to the National Maritime Museum, you can take either Bus line 22 or 43 from the Central Station Amsterdam bus station. 

Once you’re on board, ride the bus to the Kadijksplein stop

This will put you conveniently close to the museum.

By Car

If you’re driving, follow the A10 ring road North and take the S116 exit (IJ tunnel). 

You’ll find four parking garages near the National Maritime Museum: Markenhoven, Oosterdok, and De Loodsen.

By Foot

To reach the National Maritime Museum from Amsterdam Central Station, follow these steps:

  • Begin your walk from Amsterdam Central Station. 
  • Walk in the direction of Prins Hendrikkade, heading east. 
  • You’ll notice a docked replica ship named ‘Amsterdam’ on your left as you walk. This landmark will help you navigate. 
  • Continue walking on Prins Hendrikkade until you reach Kattenburgerplein 1, the location of the National Maritime Museum. 

In just 19 minutes, you’ll arrive at the museum.


What is the National Maritime Museum?

The National Maritime Museum, also known as Het Scheepvaartmuseum, is a renowned museum dedicated to the maritime history of the Netherlands.

Where is National Maritime Museum?

The National Maritime Museum address is Kattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Is there a map available for the National Maritime Museum?

Yes, the National Maritime Museum provides maps for visitors to help navigate the museum’s different sections and exhibitions.

You can find a map of National Maritime Museum here.

What are the main sections or exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum?

The museum is divided into sections that explore various themes, including the Golden Age, the Dutch East India Company, the Dutch Navy, and the maritime history of the 20th century.

What items are available for purchase at the National Maritime Museum shop?

You can buy items like the National Maritime Museum ship in a bottle and national maritime museum ship models at the National Maritime Museum shop.

What kind of paintings can you find at the National Maritime Museum?

The national maritime museum paintings depict maritime scenes, historical events, and ships from different periods of maritime history.
These paintings provide a look into the Netherlands’ rich maritime heritage and connection to the sea.

What are the opening hours of the National Maritime Museum, including the shop and library?

The museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day of the week. 

However, the National Maritime Museum closed dates are Christmas, New Year’s, and King’s Day. 

The National Maritime Museum Shop and national maritime museum library also operate during these hours, except the library is closed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

What are the exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum?

The National Maritime Museum exhibitions showcase ship paintings, models, photos, and virtual reality experiences.

How much is the National Maritime Museum admission fee?

The Amsterdam National Maritime Museum skip the line tickets start at €18 (US$20). 

You can buy tickets here.

Is there parking available at the National Maritime Museum?

Yes, there are parking options near the National Maritime Museum. 

Nearby national maritime museum parking garages include Markenhoven, Oosterdok, and De Loodsen.

Featured Image: HetscheepvaartMuseum.nl

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