Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, also known as Stedelijk, is the largest Dutch museum dedicated to modern art, contemporary art and design. 

Initially established as a municipal museum in 1895, the Stedelijk was named a state museum in 1938. 

Featuring artists like Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Marc Chagall and many others, the museum houses modern and contemporary art from the early 20th century to 21 century. 

Because of this exquisite collection of arts and designs, this Stedelijk Museum is also known as the Museum of Modern art, Amsterdam. 

What to expect at Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum is the largest dutch museum in Amsterdam with the richest collection of modern and contemporary artworks worldwide. 

The permanent collection of Stedelijk Museum has over 500 prominent masterpieces on display featuring artists like Picasso, Matisse, Claes Oldenburg, Marlene Dumas, and De Stijl.

On top of these masterpieces, you can also see a collection of paintings dedicated to all important painting and modernist movements like Impressionists, Fauvism, Cubism, and Expressionism. 

Stedelijk Museum ticket

There are two ways you can Buy Stedelijk Museum Tickets: 

  1. Buy It Online
  2. Buy it offline from the ticket counter at the venue

However, buying tickets online is a wise decision as you don’t have to go through the trouble of waiting hours in ticket counter lines. 

The Stedelijk Museum tickets cost €20 for adults above 19 years of age. 

While, visitors aged 18 or below can access the museum for free, but they must have an adult accompanying them. 

Visitors getting free entry must have a free ticket.

Ticket Prices:

Adults (19+ years): €20
Children (upto 18 years): Free Entry (Must have a free ticket)

With an advance booking of tickets, you can skip the line outside the ticket counter and get direct access to the Museum that is why these tickets are also known as Skip-the-line tickets.

If you have booked your tickets online, you won’t have to get a printout of the tickets, you can show your ticket on the smartphone itself and enter the museum. 

Stedelijk Museum Opening Hours

The Stedelijk Museum opens daily at 10 am and welcomes visitors till 6 pm, all year long.

The last entry gets closed at 5.45 pm. 

Even on the weekends and holidays, the Stedelijk museum follows the same schedule. 

Best time to visit Stedelijk Museum

The beauty of Stedelijk Museum is eternal, no matter the time of the day or month you plan to pay your visit.

However, being a visitor and an art lover, everyone wants to soak in the beauty of the artworks and history in a less crowded environment. 

So, the best time to visit the Stedelijk Museum would be as soon as they start accepting visitors at 10 am. 

However, unlike any other museum, it’s a little bit tough to predict a particular time at which this museum tends to get crowded. 

But, it’s best to avoid planning a visit on weekends or holidays, as they obviously are more crowded on such days.

How long does Stedelijk Museum take?

The answer to the question, “How long does Stedelijk museum take” is a bit tricky and subjective and can vary depending on your particular choices. 

If you are visiting the museum for a normal tour and exploration, you can finish the tour of the Stedelijk Museum in about one and a half hours. 

However, after you are done admiring the exhibits, you can also pay your visit to the museum library and store extending your tour to two hours. 

But if you are an art buff visiting the museum for deep exploration, you will need at least 3 hours to complete the tour of Stedelijk Museum.

How to reach Stedelijk Museum?

The Stedelijk Museum is located at Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

There are various transportation options available all around the city that you can use to get to the Stedelijk Museum.

However, Amsterdam City is car-friendly, but it’s best to use public transport. 

By Trams

Trams are the best way to reach the Stedelijk Museum. 

Board trams 2 or 5 from the central station and exit at the Van Baerlestraat stop and walk your way to reach the Stedelijk Museum at a distance of 450 meters from the stop. 

You can hop on trams 3, 12, 16, and 24 from the central station and exit at the Museumplein stop to reach the museum. 

By Bus

If you can decide on taking a bus to get to Stedelijk Museum, Bus lines 145, 170, and 172 are the best options. 

Board any of these buses, and hop off at the Museumplein bus stop

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