Rijksmuseum, the national museum of the Netherlands, is one of the world’s finest art museums and is famous for its rich collection of art and history.

In its 80 rooms, over 8000 preserved artifacts showcase 800 years of the glorious Dutch Golden age.

Rijksmuseum exhibits some of the world-famous masterworks like Rembrandt van Rijn’s Night Watch and Johannes Vermeer’s The Milkmaid.

With over 2.5 million visitors annually, it is the most visited museum in the Netherlands. 

What to expect at Rijkmuseum

Rijkmuseum offers a lot to experience when it comes to history and culture. 

A visit to Rijksmuseum will make you realize the artistic beauty and cultural heritage of a long-bygone era. 

In the galleries, visitors can explore the works of famous Dutch painters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals, as well as admire the detailed interiors of the museum.

Rijksmuseum ticket

Rijksmuseum tickets are available both online and offline. 

There are three types of Rijksmuseum tickets: 

The prices of these tickets vary depending on the services and access provided by particular tickets. 

The Rijksmuseum Entrance Ticket will provide you with Skip the Line Access to the museum. 

While the Rijksmuseum Guided Tour Ticket comes with an expert guide to lead your tour around the museum in a small group. 

The best thing about having a guided tour is that the guides always have years of experience and will tell you interesting stories about the Rijksmuseum ad Amsterdam city as well.

The Guide also makes sure that you don’t miss out on any highlights of the museum.

However, the Private Tour ticket of Rijksmuseum allows you to have a premium private tour of the museum with an expert guide. 

Having a private tour means that you will have a lot to talk about and interact with the guide with all your questions. 

Advantages of Buying Rijksmuseum Tickets Online

You can either buy the Rijksmuseum tickets online or you can also take the trouble of buying the tickets from the venue itself. 

However, buying the tickets online will save you hours of hassle waiting outside the offline ticket counter.

As the online tickets let you skip the line outside the ticket counter, that’s why they are also called Rijksmuseum skip the line tickets. 

Tickets available online are always cheaper than the tickets available at the venue.

Buying Rijksmuseum Tickets online also saves you from any last-moment disappointments. 

Rijkmuseum opening hours

The Rijkmuseum opening hours start from 9 am and accept visitors till 5 pm throughout the year. 

The last entry to the museum is at 4.30 pm. 

However, the Rijksmuseum garden, Rijksshop, and Café are open from 9 am to 6 pm and are accessible without tickets as well.

The best time to visit Rijksmuseum

The best time to visit Rijksmuseum is right after they open at 9 am. 

Reach the museum just when they start accepting visitors and adore the art and history in a less crowded environment at your own pace. 

However, from 11 am, the museum starts getting crowded, and time between 11 am to 3 pm is the most crowded time at Rijksmuseum.

Another best time to visit Rijksmuseum is after 3 pm, as large tourist groups would already have left the museum by this time. 

But, if you are visiting at 3 pm, you should move quickly as the museum closes at 5 pm. 

How long does the Rijksmuseum take?

How long does it take to visit Rijksmuseum depends entirely on the fact that how much of the museum you are willing to visit? 

If you are to visit all the exhibits of the Rijksmuseum, you will need at least 5 hours.

While on the other hand, if you focus only on the masterpieces, two hours are enough to finish the museum tour. 

However, as per the art experts, you will start feeling art fatigue after touring the museum for 2 hours. 

So it’s recommended that you should take a quick break at a cafe or any other eatery.

The Rijksmuseum also houses a library, cafe and shop.

How to reach Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is located at Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands.

There are various transportation options available around the city that you can use to get to the Rijksmuseum. 

By Metro

You can get to the Rijksmuseum by Metro; just board train 52 from the central station and exit at Vijzelgracht station

The Rijksmuseum is just 6 min of walking distance from the Vijzelgracht station. 

Weesperplein is the nearest Metro station to Rijksmuseum.

By Bus

If you plan to take the bus to reach Rijksmuseum, you can board bus 288 from the city’s primary bus station, Marnixstraat regional bus station.

Hop off at the Rijksmuseum bus stop, and walk for 2 minutes to reach your destination. 

By Tram

Amsterdam city is laid with a vast tram network; reaching Rijksmuseum can never be that hard within a city blessed with such vast transportation. 

There are various tram routes all around the city that leads to Rijksmuseum. 

Tram 2: Amsterdam Central Station to Rijksmuseum tram stop

Tram 5: Zuid Station to Rijksmuseum tram stop

Tram 19: Sloterdijk station to Spiegelgracht tram stop

Tram 12: Amstel Station to Rijksmuseum tram stop

Featured Image: Rijksmuseum.nl

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