Top 7 Restaurants near Van Gogh Museum

Indulge in Amsterdam’s culinary delights with comfort. 

Discover the finest restaurants near Van Gogh Museum, where you can reserve a table and savor the flavors!

As you explore the museum and eat at these excellent eateries, you will encounter a fascinating fusion of art and cuisine.

Restaurants near Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam 

Here are seven best restaurants near the Van Gogh Museum that will serve you the authentic taste of Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Le Tambourin Cafe

The elegant Le Tambourin cafe inside the Van Gogh Museum serves various hot and cold dishes. 

It provides a variety of foods to suit different tastes, such as salads, homemade lasagne, vegetarian options, and delicious cakes and pastries. 

Enjoy your meal while admiring the Kurokawa Wing and Museumplein.

The Burger Room

The Burger Room
Image: Facebook.com(TheBurgerRoom)

Located in Amsterdam’s Fashion and Museum District.

The Burger Room promotes an amusing Wizard of Oz theme in its design and cuisine. 

Following your visit to the museum, this restaurant is the best place for New York-style burgers.

Note: Wednesday Closed.

Brasserie De Keyzer

Brasserie De Keyzer
Image: Facebook.com(Brasserie-Keyzer)

This nearby restaurant is an ideal dining spot for people exploring Amsterdam. 

It is located just across from Museumplein and is separated from the music hall by an underground parking structure. 

It provides both accessibility and a pleasant dining experience.


Pompa is known for its different Italian, Mediterranean, and European cuisine, including excellent vegan choices. 

Whether you are a vegan or not, there are delightful options. 

Additionally, the restaurant offers a unique selection of drinks. 

With its beautiful ambiance, Pompa is among the most attractive restaurants near the Van Gogh Museum.

Kantjil and De Tijger

Kantjil and De Tijger
Image: Facebook.com(Restaurantkantjil)

Kantjil and de Tijger is an Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam, near Van Gogh museum.

They love to share the delicious tastes of Indonesian cuisine. 

The friendly staff is here to help you make the best food and beverage selections for your enjoyment.

Note: Monday and Sunday Closed.


Image: Facebook.com(Barpiazza2020)

Barpiazza is the historic Italian restaurant near Van Gogh Museum on Museumplein. 

It is a modern bar offering a delightful selection of antipasti, pizza, sgroppino, and wines. 

The pizzas are made with handcrafted dough from the famous Neapolitan Molina Caputo and are baked according to traditional customs.

The Pantry

The Pantry
Image: Facebook.com(RestaurantThePantry)

The Pantry provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. 

An excellent menu makes it the perfect place to enjoy your day. 

It offers an authentic Amsterdam experience as a traditional Dutch restaurant. 

You will also notice the outstanding and friendly staff dedicated to providing you with the best experience.


1. What are some restaurants near the Van Gogh Museum?

Here are some of the best Amsterdam restaurants near Van Gogh Museum:
– Le Tambourin Cafe
– The Burger Room
– Brasserie De Keyzer
– Kantjil and De Tijger

2. Does Van Gogh Amsterdam offer free admission for children?

Yes, the Van Gogh Museum offers free admission to children under 18.

3. How long should I spend at the Van Gogh Museum?

A visit to the Van Gogh Museum typically takes 2 hours to view the highlights, but art fans can spend up to 4 hours or more exploring.

4. What can I expect at Van Gogh Museum?

The Van Gogh Museum features about 500 drawings, 200 paintings and 750 letters by Vincent van Gogh. 
It also houses a huge permanent collection of Van Gogh’s oil paintings, displaying 860 of his 2,000 works.

5. What does the multimedia guide at Van Gogh Museum offer?

The multimedia guide provides an alternative to Van Gogh Museum guided tours and offers detailed information about Vincent van Gogh’s artworks and life. 
It’s a great way to enhance your museum visit and learn more about the exhibits.

6. When is the best time to visit Van Gogh Museum?

The best time to avoid crowds is to visit Van Gogh Museum before 10 am or after 3 pm.

7.What is the Van Gogh Museum, and where is it located?

The Van Gogh Museum is a renowned museum on Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

8. What time does the Van Gogh Museum open?

The Van Gogh Museum opens daily at 9 am throughout the year.

How to get to Van Gogh Museum from Central Station?

here are two ways to get to the Van Gogh Museum from Amsterdam Central: 

– Take Tram 2 or 12 to Van Baerlestraat and exit at that stop. 
– Alternatively, you can opt for Bus 347 (towards Uithoorn) or 357 (towards Kudelstaart) and get off at the Museumplein stop
– If you prefer to drive, you can use the Van Gogh Museum’s parking facilities at Q-Park, located below Museumplein.

How much are Van Gogh Museum tickets?

The Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum tickets depend on inclusion.
The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam ticket price starts at € 22 (US$ 24) and goes up to € 540 (US$ 598).
You can book your tickets here.

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