Top 10 Nemo Science Museum Visiting Tips

Enjoy an unforgettable visiting experience to the Nemo Science Museum with our expertly curated guide featuring the top 10 visiting tips. 

Discover the secrets to maximizing your exploration of this iconic science wonderland in Amsterdam. 

These essential tips will ensure a seamless, enjoyable, and educational experience for all ages, whether you’re a science enthusiast or a first-time visitor.

1. Always Book Your Tickets Online!

When planning a visit to the Nemo Science Museum, one of the most convenient steps is to book your tickets online. 

This not only saves time but also avoids the hassle of standing in long queues.

Online booking requires you to select a specific day and time for your visit, allowing you to plan your day accordingly. 

Once you have booked your tickets, make sure to keep your E-ticket handy on your mobile device for a hassle-free entrance to the museums. 

Having e-tickets saves you the trouble of taking print out of the ticket, and is also environmentally friendly.

2. Be On Time – Don’t Be Late

Your ticket to the Nemo Science Museum grants a full day of exploration, which means once inside the museum, you can explore the exhibits until the museum closes. 

Arriving on time is crucial to make the most of your experience. 

The NEMO museum Tickets are timed tickets, that means you can only enter the museum at your pre-selected time.

The museum boasts a wide array of exhibits that deserve your attention, and being punctual ensures you don’t miss out on any of the intriguing displays.

Additionally, planning your route through the museum can help you manage your time effectively, whether you choose to start from the rooftop for breathtaking city views or from the lower floors to work your way up.

3. Carry A Valid ID Proof

For a smooth entry, it’s important to carry valid photo identification for yourself and anyone accompanying you.

This requirement helps you with your security checks and ensures that all visitors can get nice, streamlined access without any security concerns. 

Carrying ID proof is especially important if you’re availing of any specific discounts or reduced ticket prices.

4. Follow The Directions Inside The Museum

Upon entry, you’ll find that the museum has a designated path through the various exhibits.

Various direction boards around the museum help you find your path to the next exhibit.  

Following this path ensures a seamless flow and helps manage crowds, making the visit comfortable for everyone. 

It’s important to note that re-entry is not permitted once you exit an exhibition area, so explore each section thoroughly before moving on.

5. Utilize Free Locker Facilities

5. Utilize Free Locker Facilities
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.nl

The Nemo Science Museum offers free lockers where you can store your luggage and personal belongings. 

This facility allows you to explore the museum comfortably without worrying about carrying around your items. 

It’s advisable to check the size of the lockers beforehand to ensure if they will be able to hold your luggage or not.

6. Wear Comfortable Clothes And Shoes

Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes is key to fully enjoying your science journey through the five floors of exhibitions. 

As the museum’s exploration involves a lot of walking, you should wear clothes, especially shoes, that are comfortable for long walks. 

Additionally, the indoor climate of the museum can vary, so dressing in layers helps you to adjust to different temperatures.

7. Make Sure You Have A Map Of The NEMO Science Museum

7. Make Sure You Have A Map Of The NEMO Science Museum
Image: Researchgate.net

Having a NEMO Science Museum Map can really help you find your way around the museum. 

Visitors without maps often get confused about how to reach different exhibits and which one to visit first. 

Due to the lack of a map, they end up wasting a lot of time, finding their way inside the museum. 

The map provides a comprehensive overview of the museum’s structure, including the location of each exhibit on the different floors. 

This helps you plan your visit accordingly and lets you prioritize the exhibits you want to visit first while ensuring you don’t lose your way inside the museum.

8. Take A Break For A Lunch Or Light Meal

8. Take A Break For A Lunch Or Light Meal
Image: Nemosciencemuseum.nl

As the full exploration of the Museum takes almost around 3-4 hours, we suggest you stop for a light meal or a nice happy lunch at the Cafe of NEMO science museum. 

You can find the cafe on the 2nd floor of the museum, or if you would like to have a nice meal you can visit the restaurant on the roof. 

It provides a comfortable spot to relax and re-energize. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the cafes and restaurants at NEMO Museum cater to various tastes and dietary needs.

9. We Suggest You Buy a Guided Tour 

9. We Suggest You Buy a Guided Tour
Image: GetYourGuide.com

If you are a science lover or are traveling with your family or kids, we suggest you buy a guided tour of the NEMO museum.

Guided tours offer deeper insights into the exhibits, enriching your understanding of the museum’s vast collection. 

These tours often provide fascinating facts and detailed information about the museum’s history and the science behind the exhibits.

10. Learn About The Photography And Museum Policy

You can capture photos and videos inside the NEMO Science Museum only for personal use. 

However, Bringing a Tripod or selfie stick is prohibited inside the museum.

For any commercial photography or videography, you must ask permission from the museum’s management first.


  1. Can I book tickets for the Nemo Science Museum online?

    Yes, you can book tickets online, which is recommended to save time and avoid queues. Online booking allows you to choose a specific day and time for your visit.

  2. Do I need to print my Nemo Science Museum ticket?

    No, printing is not necessary. You can keep the E-ticket on your mobile device for hassle-free entrance.

  3. How long is my ticket valid for at the Nemo Science Museum?

    Your ticket grants you full-day access, allowing you to explore the museum’s exhibits until closing time.

  4. Is there a specific time I need to arrive at the museum?

    Yes, the tickets are timed entries. You should arrive at the museum at your pre-selected time to ensure full access.

  5. Do I need to carry identification to the Nemo Science Museum?

    Yes, carrying a valid photo ID is important for security checks and accessing specific discounts or ticket prices.

  6. Is there a designated path to follow inside the Nemo Science Museum?

    Yes, the museum has a designated path through the exhibits, with direction boards to assist visitors. Re-entry to an exhibition area is not permitted once you exit.

  7. Are there locker facilities at the Nemo Science Museum?

    Yes, the museum offers free lockers for storing luggage and personal belongings. It’s advisable to check the size of the lockers beforehand.

  8. What should I wear for a visit to the Nemo Science Museum?

    Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended due to the amount of walking involved. Layered clothing is advisable to adjust to the indoor climate.

  9. Can I find food and refreshments inside the museum?

    Yes, the museum has a café and a restaurant where you can enjoy meals and snacks. They cater to various dietary needs and preferences.

  10. Are guided tours available at the Nemo Science Museum?

    Yes, guided tours are available and provide in-depth insights into the museum’s exhibits and history. 
    They can be particularly beneficial for families or individuals keen on learning more about the science behind the exhibits.

Featured Image: Facebook.com(NieuwsVanAmsterdam)

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