Map of Nemo Science Museum Amsterdam

Navigate the Nemo Science Museum smoothly with a convenient Map of Nemo Science Museum Amsterdam. 

Let this map guide you as you uncover the fascinating world of science. 

The Nemo Science Museum map ensures you won’t miss a thing, whether you are fascinated by the interactive exhibits or amazing discoveries.

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Nemo Science Museum Layout

The Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam is a five-story wonder designed by Renzo Piano. 

It is packed with wonderful exhibits about science. Each floor has its own exciting theme. 

Start from the rooftop with amazing city views, then explore the lower floors for interactive experiences. 

The layout of the museum makes science enjoyable for people of all ages.

Floor Map of Nemo Science Museum

The Nemo Science Museum has five captivating floors, each dedicated to a distinct realm of science and technology. 

These floors, namely Fenomena, Technium, Elementa, Humania, and Energetica, offer interactive experiences that make science enjoyable.

To navigate with ease and make the most of your visit, check out the Floor map of  Nemo Science Museum Amsterdam below.

Fenomena (First Floor)

The Fenomena exhibit is located on the first floor. 

Here, visitors can immerse themselves in exhibits on topics like electricity, magnetism, and sound. 

There is a static electricity machine to play with, an ionized gas globe to see, and a kaleidoscope to explore that forms interesting patterns. 

In addition, you can participate in actual scientific experiments at Science Live.

Technium (Second Floor)

The Technium exhibit is located on the second floor. 

Here, you will discover all about the latest and coolest technology. 

You can explore how technology has changed over time and how it shapes our world today. 

Build things, try simple inventions at the Maker Space, and learn about water cleaning, online orders, and renewable energy. 

You can also interact with robots, learn about computer programming, and see recent technological developments. 

There is also a location where you can experience virtual reality and watch 3D printing.

Elements (Third Floor)

On the third floor at Elementa, you will dive into the elements that shape our world and the natural wonders connected to them. 

Learn about cosmic rays, stars, atoms, and the Big Bang. 

Explore space explosions and tiny particles, and try experiments in a lab coat.

Learn about the periodic table, see chemical reactions, and enjoy making slime

Check out the liquid nitrogen demonstration and play with an interactive molecule builder.

Humania (Fourth Floor)

On the fourth floor at Humania, it is all about finding your true essence as a human. 

Explore your unique qualities, especially your amazing brain. 

Challenge your senses, explore your strengths and weaknesses, and dive into aspects like health, memory, happiness, and behavior. 

Have fun with interactive displays, such as the huge nose exhibit, where you can explore the sense of smell. 

Don’t miss the human brain display, where you can learn about how different parts of the brain function. 

Also, there is an 8.5-meter sculpture that will make you want to try a handstand.

Energetica (Fifth Floor)

Energetica, located on the Nemo Science Museum rooftop, offers thrilling interactive activities on renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, and water. 

With water, you can create your own power, challenge the laws of nature, and even make lively rainbows. 

Check out the water turbine that generates electricity and a solar-powered chair for relaxation. 

Don’t miss the giant sundial that uses you as the pointer. 

Additionally, you can dive into real scientific research at Science Live and be part of the museum’s development at Nemo R&D.

Benefits of Using NEMO Science Museum Map

Effortless Navigation: The map provides a clear and easy-to-follow layout of the museum, helping visitors efficiently navigate through the five floors and various exhibits.

Enhanced Experience: Having a NEMO map helps visitors plan their journey, ensuring they see all the exhibits that interest them most, enhancing their overall experience.

Educational Tool: For educators and parents, the map is a great tool to engage children and students, helping them learn about different scientific concepts in a structured way.


  1. What is the address of the Nemo Science Museum?

    The Nemo Science Museum is located at Oosterdok 2, 1011 VX Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  2. How many floors does the Nemo Science Museum have?

    The museum consists of five floors, each dedicated to different themes in science and technology.

  3. What can I find on the Fenomena floor of the Nemo Science Museum?

    On the Fenomena floor (first floor), you’ll find exhibits on electricity, magnetism, and sound, including a static electricity machine, an ionized gas globe, and interactive scientific experiments.

  4. What is featured on the Technium floor?

    The Technium floor (second floor) showcases the latest technology, including a Maker Space, virtual reality experiences, and exhibits on renewable energy.

  5. What does the Elementa floor offer?

    On the Elementa floor (third floor), visitors can explore the elements of the cosmos, including cosmic rays, atoms, and the Big Bang, along with interactive experiments and a molecule builder.

  6. What can I expect to see on the Humania floor?

    The Humania floor (fourth floor) focuses on human biology and psychology, featuring interactive displays about the human brain, senses, and health.

  7. What is unique about the Energetica floor?

    Energetica (fifth floor) is on the rooftop and offers interactive activities about renewable energy, including a water turbine and a solar-powered chair.

  8. Where can I download the map of the Nemo Science Museum?

    A map of the museum can typically be downloaded from the Nemo Science Museum’s official website or obtained at the museum entrance.

  9. How does the map enhance my visit to the Nemo Science Museum?

    The map helps visitors efficiently navigate through the museum’s floors and exhibits, ensuring they don’t miss any key attractions.

  10. Is the Nemo Science Museum suitable for children?

    Yes, the museum is designed to be enjoyable and educational for visitors of all ages, including children, with interactive and hands-on exhibits.

Featured Image: Researchgate.ne, Worldwildschooling.com

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