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Amsterdam light festival has been a major attraction for tourists all around the world. 

The light festival in Amsterdam is all about displaying the beauty and art of the city to a great extent. 

As the name suggests, this festival is all about spectacular displays of lights, music, art and happiness all around the city. 

Amsterdam Light Festival is held once a year between December and to end of January.  

The best way to enjoy this annual festival of the Dutch capital is to Book an Amsterdam light festival canal cruise.

What to expect at Amsterdam Light festival cruise

Amsterdam light festival is all about art and a brilliant display of lights that young artists put their minds on. 

Illuminated Amsterdam canals and beautiful old shops at the canal shore decorated with lights look like a scene from a fairy tale. 

The best way to enjoy the light festival of Amsterdam is to book a canal cruise to take along the beautiful sights of the city.

With an Amsterdam light festival canal cruise, you will be gliding down the canals as you soak in the beauty of the Dutch Capital draped in shimmering lights.

The bridges decorated with lights to every inch and as you slowly drift along the canals the sight of bridges look sort of magical.

There are a lot of light festival canal cruises available both online and at the venue.

Most of the canal cruises have audio guides in different languages that will explain you about the light display and the attractions that will pass by. 

Type of Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise

There is a wide variety of Amsterdam Light Festival cruises, each offering different experiences of canal cruises.

As this annual festival approaches, the city gets all excited to welcome tourists from all around the world and to offer them some of the best Amsterdam Canal Cruise. 

These cruises vary from one another, based on the choice of boat, the route they choose and the complimentary services they offer.

Some of the best Amsterdam cruises are mentioned below:

1.5-hour Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise

Get ready to witness the true elegance of Amsterdam City, as you make your way past the decorated bridges, Canal shores and famous landmarks.

This 1.5 Hour Amsterdam Light Festival cruise takes you to witness some of the major famous sites of the city like Rijksmuseum, Van Gigh Museum and Anne Frank House.

What makes it one of the best cruises, is the availability of an audio guide that will explain you about every light display that passes through. 

Light Festival Cruise with Open Bar

What’s best than having a tour around the city on a boat while you take a sip off a glass of wine or beer with your friends? 

Cherish the beauty of this annual festival of the Dutch Capital with a glass of champagne in your hand with this open bar Light Festival cruise. 

Soak in the beautiful sight of light getting reflected by the Canals and streets full of old shops decorated with different artworks. 

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