Hop-on, Hop-off Cruises


Amsterdam is a beautiful city with a rich history and a wide range of attractions to explore. 

One popular way to see the city is by taking a hop-on and hop-off canal cruise. 

These cruises offer a convenient way to explore Amsterdam’s waterways and discover the city’s top sights and landmarks.

With all the ancient buildings and historical monuments, the mesmerizing sight of cruising around the city is something you shouldn’t miss.

What to expect from Hop-on and Hop-off Cruise:

Hop-on and hop-off canal cruises typically operate on an open-top, double-decker boat that allows you to easily get on and off at various stops along the route. 

The boats usually have audio commentary in multiple languages, so you can learn more about the sights you’re seeing as you go.

There are several different routes available, each covering different areas of the city. Some popular stops on the canal cruise routes include the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, the Amsterdam Central Station, and the Dam Square. 

Some cruises also offer special-themed routes, such as a night cruise or a food and drinks cruise.

Hop-on and hop-off canal cruises are a convenient and enjoyable way to see the city, especially if you’re short on time. 

They allow you to easily move around the city and see a wide range of sights without the hassle of navigating public transportation or trying to find parking. 

Plus, the open-top boats offer great views of the city’s iconic canals and landmarks.

Tickets for Hop-on and Hop-off Canal Cruise

There are several ways to purchase tickets for a hop-on and hop-off canal cruise in Amsterdam.

  1. Online: The best way to secure a seat for yourself on a Hop-on and Hop-off canal cruise is to book the ticket online.

    Booking your ticket online in advance gives you the privilege of planning your trip accordingly without rushing through things.
  1. At the ticket office: You can also purchase tickets in person at the ticket office of the canal cruise company.

    However, booking tickets from the ticket office is much more tedious, as you will have to wait in long queues.
  1. On the boat: Some canal cruises also offer the option to purchase tickets on the boat.But this is the riskiest way that you can use to get your ticket. 

    Most of the boats are usually pre-booked online, so you can never be sure whether you will be able to secure your place on the boat or not.

Hop on – Hop off bus + Amsterdam Canal Cruise

By combining the Amsterdam Sightseeing bus with a 1-hour LOVERS canal cruise, you can discover the Dutch capital from both water and land. 

To make it even more convenient the bus has a stop at the departure point of the canal boat, so you can hop off the bus and onto the boat.

You choose at what time of the day you want to take the canal cruise, while you have access to the City Sightseeing bus for 24 hours. 

So you can plan your route through Amsterdam exactly as you want to and visit as many attractions during the day as you like.

Advantages of Booking Hop-on and Hop-off cruise tickets online

It’s always a smart decision to book your canal cruise ticket online. 

Booking your tickets online has several advantages that you will miss out on booking your tickets offline. 

If you book your tickets online, you won’t have to wait for hours standing in long queues outside the ticket office. 

If you have your tickets booked in advance, you won’t have to worry about whether you will be able to secure your place on the boat or not. 

Tickets available offline at the ticket office are priced higher than the tickets available online. 

Booking your tickets online also saves you from any last-moment disappointments.

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