Evening Cruise


Imagine the sun going down behind the magnificent historical buildings of Amsterdam and you witnessing this mesmerizing sight on a boat cruising around a canal. 

Doesn’t it sound exciting? Something that no one would like to miss out on.

Well, the Amsterdam evening canal cruise provides you the opportunity to turn this imagination into reality. 

Cruise around the capital city of the Netherlands, and witness the famous landmarks as the twilight sets in. 

During this wonderful journey on Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise, marvel at the true beauty of the city and its elegant bridges shine bright at the golden hour. 

What to expect at Evening Canal Cruise

Amsterdam city is known for its amazing geography dominated by beautiful Canals circling around the city.

See Amsterdam turning into a majestical city, as the lights around the building and bridges turn on. 

The sight of the Canal getting illuminated by all the lights around the shores looks mesmerizing and would make anyone fall in love with the view.

You can also enjoy a romantic dinner under the moonlight with an Evening Canal Cruise with a dinner option available.

Tickets for Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruises Tickets

There are a lot of Evening canal cruises available both online and at the venue.

You must choose the one that suits you the best, and align with your expectation of the Evening cruise.

A general Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise costs over €22 per person with a cruise duration of 90 minutes.

You can Book these Evening Canal Cruise tickets online or at the venue as well.

However, Booking a canal cruise online is a much smart decision as the tickets online are much cheaper than the tickets available at the venue.

Booking a cruise online in advance also makes sure that you won’t have to face any last-moment disappointments. 

As canal cruises are a popular activity among tourists, the tickets for all the cruises get sold out quickly. 

So, we recommend you nook your evening canal cruise online, to avoid any such last-moment disappointments. 

Type of Evening Canal Cruises

There are a lot of Evening canal cruise options available.

Each varies according to the activities included and the sights included in that particular route. 

There are a lot of famous landmarks all around Amsterdam city, and each Canal Cruise chooses a different set of landmarks to include in their tour.

The variations in inclusions of a particular cruise also differ from one another.

Here we have listed some of the best evening canal cruises Amsterdam:-

Classic Evening Cruises 

One of the best ways to explore Amsterdam is to book a Classic Evening Canal cruise. 

You will be gliding along an Amsterdam canal to discover the beauty of the city in twilight. 

This classic evening cruise comes with an audio guide system available in 19 languages.

You can choose your preferred language and enjoy the scenic ride along the Dutch capital.

Guided Evening Canal Cruises

Want to have a more detailed exploration of Amsterdam, the Guided EVening Cruises are the best option available.

A guided cruise comes with an Expert guide with a deep knowledge of the city’s history and infrastructure.

Your canal cruise is led by an experienced guide, who will tell you the stories about the great Dutch Era and the tales behind those magnificent landmarks of Amsterdam.

Dinner Canal Cruise

Enjoy an amazing evening cruise with your partner with a romantic dinner. 

This 3-course dinner cruise is the best option to savor delicious dutch delicacies with your partner under the beautiful moonlight on a boat as you glide along the canal.

Enjoy a smooth voyage around Amsterdam and live an evening that you will remember your whole life. 

Featured Image: TripAdvisor.com

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