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Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, also known as “the Venice of North” is surrounded by a concentric belt of canals that add up to the beauty of this wonderful city.

The city owes its name, “the Venice of North” to Amsterdam canals which cover one-fourth of Amsterdam. 

Originally dug in the 17th century, these canals stretch over 64 miles with 1500 bridges and 90 islands.

These canals are officially known as the Amsterdam canal Rings and are living examples of the architectural skills of the Golden Dutch Era.

What to expect in an Amsterdam canal Cruise

Amsterdam city is famous for its beautiful ancient houses, shops, museums, cultures, and of course for its famous Canals.

The sight of these beautiful Amsterdam old houses on the shore of these long-running canals is truly something that no one would like to miss. 

Cruising through the canals of Amsterdam, you will get to witness the busy streets of Amsterdam with a whole new aesthetic point of view.

While riding the beautiful and subtle waves of the Amstel river, you will find that Amsterdam is truly living upto its nickname “The Venice of North”.

The canal cruises in Amsterdam cover some of the most important and famous places that every visitor would like to pay their visit.

Tickets for Amsterdam Canal Cruise

The first and best approach to exploring the city of Amsterdam is the Canal cruise.

That being said, the most important thing you need to have to experience this wonderful sightseeing tour is a ticket for an Amsterdam canal cruise.

There are a lot of Canal Cruises tickets available online and even at the venue as well, each modified according to the Visitors and their priorities.

These different canal experiences are based on the best things to do in Amsterdam with Family, kids, or even Couples.

All you need to do is to find the one canal cruise ticket that suits you the best. 

Type of Day Canal Cruise In Amsterdam

There are different types of canal cruises available each varying based on the kind of activities included and the type of boat you will choose to explore the city. 

The starting time and availability of a canal tour guide can also be an important factor when deciding the best Amsterdam canal cruise. 

Here is a list of the best day canal cruises that will give you a memorable experience of Amsterdam sightseeing. 

The Classic Amsterdam Canal cruise

The classic Amsterdam Canal cruise is the best thing that you can book if you want to have a cruise to see the city’s most celebrated monuments and sites.

Book a classic sightseeing cruise and get past all the major sights of Amsterdam city, including Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, dam Square and many more.

Get to learn about the history of the Canal and buildings that date back to the Golden Dutch era.

The Guided Classic Amsterdam Canal Cruise

What’s better than having a guide to take you on a canal cruise and help you learn all the interesting facts and history that Amsterdam holds precious?

On this guided Classic Amsterdam Canal Cruise, you will have a tour guide that will overlook your cruise and narrate the history of Amsterdam.

All those historical buildings lined up on canal shores, dating back to the 17th century, tell a lot about the construction and building skills of the golden Dutch Era.

The Semi-Open Boat Canal Cruise

Don’t wanna get stuck on a boat for the whole ride? Wanna feel the water waves running past you?

The semi-Open Boat Canal Cruise is the best option if you want to feel a connection with the Canal on your Amsterdam sightseeing tour.

The semi-open boat comes with a cover to protect you from the sun as well as rain, while the sides are open so you can have an authentic experience of a canal cruise.

The Luxury Boat Canal Cruise

The Amsterdam canal cruise also provides you the option of a luxury cruise boat for a more premium experience of Amsterdam sightseeing.

Luxury cruise boats are bigger and much more comfortable than other regular boats used for Canal cruises.

With this Luxury Amsterdam cruise, you will have a guide and hostess to lead this amazing journey and take you through Amsterdam’s must-see sites.

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