Amsterdam Light Festival


The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual event that takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and features light art installations by local and international artists. 

The festival takes place in the winter months and includes both indoor and outdoor exhibits. 

The theme of the festival changes each year, and the exhibits are spread throughout the city, with many of them located along the canals. 

In addition to the light art installations, the festival also includes events like workshops, lectures, and guided tours.

What to expect at Amsterdam Light Festival

During the Amsterdam Light Festival, you can expect to see a variety of light art installations throughout the city. 

These installations may take many forms, such as projections on buildings, interactive exhibits, and sculptures made of light. 

The theme of the festival changes each year, so the specific exhibits will vary. Some past themes have included “The Medium is the Message” and “Beauty of the Bit.” 

In addition to the light art exhibits, the festival also includes events such as workshops, lectures, and guided tours. 

You can also expect to see many visitors from around the world enjoying the festival.

Amsterdam Light Festival Dates

The Amsterdam Light Festival transforms the city during the dark winter months by showcasing the work of international light artists. 

From December 1, 2022, to January 22, 2023, many canal cruises will introduce a special cruise route to view the major light displays from the water.

This cruise will take you under the bridge over the canal, which will be totally covered with lights., Tthe view under the bridge decorated with lights seems magical.

The Amsterdam Light Festival invites visitors to explore the theme “Imagine Beyond” through a collection of over 20 light artworks created by national and international artists. 

The festival is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you are with your family, friends, or on a date. This is the perfect event for everyone.

During the Amsterdam Light Festival, there are a lot of canal cruise options available. 

Visitors can choose to join a group boat or rent a private boat for the experience.

Highlights of the Amsterdam Light Festival

This year’s edition of the festival is the 11th anniversary, and the artworks featured are a selection of highlights from past years. 

If you want to see some of the best artworks at this year’s event, take a look at the top picks below.

Bridge of the Rainbow, by Gilbert Moity

A bridge called the “Bridge of the Rainbow” is located near Alexanderplein in Amsterdam, between the ARTIS zoo and the Tropenmuseum.

It was created by French artist Gilbert Moity and serves as a symbol of inclusivity and diversity for the LGBTQ+ community.

Amsterdam is known for its acceptance and open-mindedness, and the bridge is a reflection of this acceptance.

1,26 Amsterdam, by Janet Echelman

1,26 Amsterdam, by Janet Echelman

The “1,26 Amsterdam,” by Janet Echelman” is a 70-meter-long aerial sculpture that was first displayed at the Amsterdam Light Festival about 10 years ago. 

It was designed to commemorate the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Chile on February 27, 2010, which caused the Earth’s day to be shortened by 1.26 microseconds.

Darth Fisher, by Streetart Frankey

This location, located under the Torontobrug on the Amstel, is perfect for Star Wars fans. 

The Darth Vader statue there is not interested in the “Dark Force drama” and would rather just peacefully fish.

Ghost Ship, by Biangle Studio

This art piece creates a 3D illusion of the Flying Dutchman by projecting light onto multiple jets of water. 

It is called the “Ghost Ship” installation and is located in the Oosterdok, near the library.

Moonburn, by Stichting Barstow

Stichting Barstow, has created a six-meter- tall, glowing balloon in the shape of the moon that is on display in front of the Carre Theatre on the Amstel. 

The paint used to make the balloon glow absorbs sunlight and reflects it at night. This is a very cool feature of the artwork.

Tickets for Amsterdam Light Festival

During the Amsterdam light festival, there are a lot of light festival cruises available, both online and even at the venue itself.

All these cruises vary from each other based on the routes they follow and the services provided.

You can either book a classic cruise or even a private luxury boat, depending on your convenience.

Amsterdam Light Festival Canal Cruise

Explore the 11th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival, all planned according to the new theme called “Imagine Beyond”.”

Book a light festival canal cruise online and be assured of a spot on board! 

Discover the beautiful Amsterdam Light Festival in 75 minutes and cruise past the artistic light artworks. 

In addition, you will get past some of the famous landmarks of the city, such as the Skinny Bridge. 

What’s Included: 

  • Cruise
  • Host
  • Unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks (if option selected)

Ticket Prices:

Adults (13 to 99 years): €27
Children (4 to 12 years): €13
Infants (up to to 3 years): Free Entry

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